My name is Simone. I’m a 26-years-old girl living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m currently taking a Masters Degree in English at university, with a focus on literature and translation. When I’m not busy writing or studying, I like to run (mainly from zombies), hang out with friends, and watch a horrible amount of TV shows.


There is more to writing than meets the eye. On this blog, I will explore the many sides of writing and related subjects, providing you with my personal observations about the craft and the world surrounding it, along with tips that might help you evolve your own writing skills.

Furthermore, I will be reviewing books, both to give you new recommendations to add to your to-be-read pile, but also to give you an idea of my taste in literature. Feel free to make suggestions if there’s anything in particular you would like me to review. Also, if you use my reviews anywhere, do let me know beforehand!


Well. That is always a good question, isn’t it?

For one thing, I’d like to make it clear that I am in no way saying that I have all the answers and correct ways of doing anything. I believe every writer has her or his own ways of reaching the same results. This page is merely showing my point of view on subjects such as writing techniques.

Still, I feel qualified to have a page about writing because I have been working on and with literature for pretty much the entirety of my life so far. I have been telling stories for as long as I can remember, and I began putting them into written words as soon as I learned how to spell. I wrote a few chapters of my first novel (or attempt at such) on my dad’s old Windows 95 system computer sometime in the beginning of elementary school. In 2005, I attended “Brønderslev Forfatterskole” (roughly translated to: Broenderslev Writer’s College), a week-long seminar for young people on writing. In 2006, I attended a week-long continuation course there. In 2012, I began my English (literature, history, grammar, and culture) studies at University of Copenhagen and am now currently writing my Master’s thesis.  In 2014, I joined a Danish organization of young writers called “Håbefulde Unge Forfattere” (= “hopeful young writers”). In fall 2016, I did an internship at a publishing house, which led to a part-time job as well as a freelance position as editor.

I have only published two short stories so far, but I am currently in the process of editing a crime/romance novel. That will be my third finished novel (but the other two are a couple of years old and in the drawer until I have time to get back to an entire rewrite of them). I have also written several short stories and have a work-in-progress fanfiction online as well. For more information on the latter, please see the Links page.


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